Scott created/founded Loli’s with the idea of creating a healthy product for his friends and family. Health is precious; it is something to cherish and maintain. 

More and more studies are highlighting the importance of gut health as a source of good health. Studies show that fermented vinegars and fermented vegetables provide a natural good source of daily gut probiotics. 

However, how many days can one go about eating sauerkraut, kimchi and drinking kombucha? 

The solution was to create a tasty product that provided the same benefits but was served in a slightly different manner. LOLIS salad dressing is has apple cider vinegar to balance and probiotic, Bacillus Coagulans.

  • Highlight, cooking career (culinary background, classically trained chef who worked in MIchellin Star restaurants, cooked with grandma) with purpose and desire? Making food delicious but better for you?

  • Interest in Nutrition/the new field exciting developments in gut health? The restaurant business is the pleasure business. I got interested in nutrition and gut health and using food for health

  • I’m making foods that my tribe would want: delicious and better for you

  • Motivated/influenced  by his grandmother: somebody who S cooked with and also inspired healthy cooking/eating