Our Story

It all started in the kitchen, cooking with Loli...

Proudly raised in the kitchen cooking with my grandmother, I named Loli's Foods in honor of my Grandma Dolores. We spent countless hours cooking family dinners. She instilled in me a love for using the best ingredients, and the belief that "Food is thy Medicine" for the people you love. Always being my North Star, she encouraged me to pursue a culinary career where I worked in NY Michelin Starred kitchens. Since then, I've been carrying out her legacy using love and delicious ingredients in every meal with a healthy twist. We are on a mission to Cultivate Goodness. That's why every Loli's dressing is clean, organic, and packed with probiotics to make a more functional tastier way to support your Gut Health in every bite. - Scott & the Loli's Family

Healthy Eating

Healthy Farming

Organic practices that yield nutrient-rich produce and contribute to soil health.

Healthy Eating

A diverse diet of organic plants loaded with beneficial microbes that promote gut health.

Healthier World

A stronger, healthier you and a healthier planet for all.